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psycho 2 is... underrated.

a horror sequel that feels like it was truly made out of love for both fans of the genre and the franchise alike can never miss in my eyes. from the obscure film references to the elevated kills, this really is the only direction that scream could have went in to avoid becoming oversaturated or repetitive. the tone is probably the most sinister and disturbing since scream 4, but still manages to show off the campy wit and charm that the original has. the opening is killer (samara weaving’s scream is ingrained in my head) and let’s you know exactly what type of sequel you’re getting yourself into.

our beloved legacy characters are used perfectly and the killer reveal is something that we have been asking for as a fandom for a long, long time, while being executed in a way that still manages to be interesting and fresh (and very reminiscent of every classic '80s slasher twist). still in awe at how stellar and developed kirby’s return was; it was like she never left with how natural and impactful her presence in the film was, while still remaining the same kirby that we campaigned to have brought back for over a decade.

initially the idea of it being set in nyc was conflicting since it could be a huge hit or miss, but the way they utilised the set pieces and dynamic of every location was stellar, and a great switch up from the classic woodsboro area. our returning characters from 5 all develop naturally and you get to see the clear bond between them, and the newbies simultaneously get you attached quickly. anika’s tragic demise is arguably the most heart-wrenching and disturbing death in the franchise, with a roller-coaster of emotions that hit you in the gut. also, chad meeks-martin <3

this wasn’t just some bullshit, cash-in, run-of-the-mill. this movie has fucking stakes.

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