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    I Like Movies

    Everyone involved in this definitely deserves a Wendys Frosty.

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    The Menu

    Yes, Chef

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  • The Ranger

    The Ranger



    There's those of a particular stripe whose vivacious fashion statements and hard-hitting music has a backbone of political principle beneath it's 'let's fucking GO' transgressor attitude. This is punk. These people are proud to call themselves punks.
    Then there's those of a murkier stripe, on whom all nuance of punk is lost, but the clothes fit, and they want to spit and maybe chuck a street cone through a window because 'fuck you, we're punk'. This is hooliganism. These…

  • A-X-L


    There's only a trailer out there so granted I have yet to see this yet BUT if this works (or indeed counts), I'm getting to work on "Prototype Unit Predator Program Enlisted Robots" (P.U.P.P.E.RS) right away. Part One: EmBARKation.