Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

commentary thoughts:

- i want to find whoever picked timothee chalamet and michael stuhlbarg to do the commentary together and kiss them for this gift they've given us.
- this is the most soft spoken commentary i've ever heard.
- "they're just moments, and they're gone. like this movie!" jesus
- stuhlbarg speaks like he's reciting poetry.
- at one point, michael asks what book elio gives to marzia and timothee doesn’t know so he doesn’t say anything and michael says “no no it’s okay” with such reassurance and tenderness. THAT’S TOO MUCH MAN.
- "apparently there was a lot of rain in the shooting of this film, but i don't remember it too much"
- armie hammer ad libbed the lines "guess i'll just go talk to your mom" and "figures. he's french"
- the flashes of blue during the futile devices scene was a mistake. the film came back damaged, but they liked it so they kept it in.
- oh my god andre aciman plays sonny of sonny and cher.
- "armie might take up 1/100th of the shot, and yet, he's everything" - timothee.
"ugh, doubt." "you look so young in this moment, it's that yellow backpack."
- the elio spin.

well, that was just about as perfect as i ever could have imagined. like the movie! haha kill me.

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