Eternity and a Day

Last watch of the decade. I feel this is a fitting piece considering how much it reflects on the past and trying to plan for tomorrow. A new decade brings about the unknown, so all we can do really is stay in the present I guess.

This is probably one of the most enigmatic films/pieces of art I’ve ever seen. Because there’s just so much contextually that I have trouble understanding from a logical standpoint. And yet, by the end I just feel this indescribable waft of intimacy and emotion that resonates deep within me. It’s this metaphysical connection I feel with Alexandros that propels any thoughts I have beyond anything words can even begin to describe. And given the subject matter of the film, I can’t help but be even more impressed by that. Much like a impressionistic landscape painting, it’s not so easy to read as it is to just feel.

Despite the admittedly tiresome (yet appropriate) sense of pacing this film utilizes, I cant help but announce this as one of the most personally enriching films I’ve ever seen. Maybe in the future, after watching this 100 times over, I’ll be able to find those words. But for now, all I can do is keep looking

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