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This review may contain spoilers.

This was my return to the cinemas for the first time since Birds Of Prey, and I gotta say.... I didn’t feel that “I missed this” like I wanted, like I’ve seen many of you brag about, but I just hate everyone around me. I hate ppl who get up constantly and look at their phone, brightness full, sometimes taking a picture with flash on. I love the theater, but I hate the patrons. I think I’m done going at night maybe idk, but just being around Long Island scum like this makes me hate watching movies.

F9 explores the fast and furious lore more than any movie in the franchise. Creating a Greek epic around Dominic Toretto and what it means to be a Toretto.

We all joke that they just accept the villain from the previous movie, but that’s who Dominic Toretto is. A forgiving man, a kind man, a father.

Those son’s of bitches actually did it.

Literally might be one of the greatest cut to black ever. I love furious 7 more than any one of these, that will always be my movie, but this is Justin Lin’s franchise and he never got a chance to say goodbye to Brian, such a perfect goodbye, again.

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