Freddy vs. Jason

Freddy vs. Jason ★★★★★

Aging ever so gracefully; The amalgamation of two separate mythos, why they differ and what's driven them to this point. Jason began as a victim; A martyr for the aggressive ignorance conjured by adolescent vices. Freddy on the other hand, was always evil. Preying on total innocence, then returning subconsciously to punish those who he felt wronged him. The children of vigilante justice. So from the jump, Jason is the good guy. Note that every victim he takes, it's justified (as well as those type of things could be, when talking about the morals of a psychotic immortal beast). Whether it be justified by sheer annoyance, sin or circumstance. Yet Freddy kills one of the few that's genuinely lost something prior. It's a film about secrets, and how many of them are more harmful than we could probably ever imagine.

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