John Wick

John Wick ★★★★½

In preparation for the sequel I rewatched John Wick today! This, I believe, was my third viewing, the last being over a year ago. What do you know, it's still as badass as I remembered it to be. 

The plot for the film was intriguing and multi layered, unlike many of today's action films. While he does go to some extremes, you can kinda justify why Wick wants revenge. The filmmakers also do an amazing job at setting up this world where being an assassin is kinda normal. From a unique hotel to a special clean up crew, the film makes it all seem believable. I'm eager to see this world explored more in the sequel. John Wick as a character is probably the best action movie character this decade. He's a total badass, with a soft side. The action setpieces in this film are absolutely amazing. Weather it's a complex one like the nightclub sequence, or a more bare knuckles one like the helipad scene, they're guaranteed to entertain you. You can see the filmmakers cares about the quality of the action, seeing as the majority of it is performed by the actors as opposed to the stunt doubles. My only problem with the plot is that the pacing gets a bit uneven in the last half hour. Other than that, it's fantastic! 

Keanu Reeves kills it as John Wick. Besides pulling his own during the action scenes, he gives a damn great performance. He has some emotional bits towards the beginning which really add to the depth of the character. Oh and yeah, the action scenes. Keanu kicks ass and takes names like nobody could. It's clear that he cared about the quality of the films action and it was executed perfectly. The same could be said for the other actors like Michael Nyqvist and Adrianne Palicki. They all pull their own and give damn great performances. 

The direction by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch is fantastic. The film has a very vibrant atmosphere and doesn't take itself too seriously. It's almost like a comic book in the way some scenes play out. With the directiors both being former stuntman, you can tell the action was handled with great care. There was no quick cuts, no shaky cam and it wasn't watered down at all. It's brutal and most of all entertaining. Can't wait to see what they do in the sequel! 

The score by Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard is really good. It's a bit minimal and doesn't really have a significant impact which I was a bit uneasy about. However, just hearing it gave off a sense of unease, forshadowing the events about to happen. Give it a listen, it's worth it. 

Overall, John Wick is the best action movie of the decade! That is, until the sequel comes out. BRING ON JOHN WICK 2!

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