Suspiria ★★★★★

"She is my sin. She is my smear on the world."

WEW. Such a powerful delusional experience with so many frightening takeaways. Most important of which is that I now realize how much we need uber-political hyper-gory arthouse feminist period piece horror films. Can't even really call this a remake. It's a wholly new film. Guadagnino just adapts the basic plot elements and bends them to his will creating a wild untamable beast of a film. This is a much more overtly arthouse take on it too. The soft 35mm grain and pulse-pounding Thom Yorke score create such a sublime conflicting atmosphere of dread and serenity.

The colors are muted but the terror is not. The film sacred the shit out of me more than most things do and it's in part because of Guadagnino's breathtaking form (the lighting in the final sequence is enough for me to push this to a 5/5). The editing in this thing is insane and elevates the sheer grounded physicality on display to unbelievable heights. The physicality of this film is the one thing I truly haven't been able to shake (it's also something that I always felt lacking from the original), it's the most beguiling and transfixing element. Every dance sequences damn near gave me the biggest panic attack of my life.

I'm seeing this again tonight (and probably a third time this weekend) so expect some more (potentially cleaner) thoughts. As of now, I just have to step back and totally commend Guadagnino for his uncompromising vision of this story and his commitment to the analysis of the distrust and aftermath of political horrors and generational guilt that carries. Also a fascinating portrait of the inner workings of community built up and preserved by women. It's unlike anything I've really seen and contrary to most horror films we get today, it's totally go-for-broke in its scope, style, and content which I am ALWAYS game for.

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