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This review may contain spoilers.

What is grief if not love persevering?  

MCU’s first proper foray in to television is delightful, innovative and for the most part makes use of its format. 

The change in time periods each episode really give it a distinct style and allows for more situational humour and events. Some of these are more effective than the others. I guess it depends on your knowledge of sitcoms. I didn’t really see much of a difference between episode one and two. It’s clearly been made from a place of love and respect of its source material.

The inclusion of some of the MCU’s c-players gives them a great opportunity to develop their characters here. Seeing Jimmy do some magic after seeing Ant-Man do it gave me a kick. 

The episodes all look great for the most part. There’s some slightly naff looking CGI in the last episode. It’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t get in an Avengers film, so why have it here? The sets and outfits all look fantastic though. 

Elisabeth Olsen finally gets the chance to do some proper acting in one of these. She’s absolutely brilliant and knocks it out of the park, able to navigate comedy and more dramatic moments. I love her new look too. It’s a lot more comic influenced than her previous ones. She’s far too beautiful, damn her. 

The villain, though interesting, did come across a bit weak. She was maybe introduced too late in the game to make any real impact. Her motivations remain unclear to me. That should have been fleshed out more. 

The introduction of Peters got me so hyped. Ultimately what they did with him was severely disappointing. I hope they revisit this story and rectify it at some point. You can’t give us a X-Men tease like that then vaguely wash it away.

Some shaky moments aside, great first try at TV for the MCU. Looking forward to seeing what they do with Falcon and the Winter Soldier in a few weeks.

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