The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

Two things first:
1. You should probably get to know David Lowery’s works first before watching this one to set some expectations of how his movies usually feels.
2. You should also probably read the source material before watching this so you’ll understand clearer what’s actually happening because Lowery really doesn’t hold you hand. (
thank you random Reddit user for suggesting that).
What a fantastic adaptation of a story from a side we really don’t get to see much of (Hollywood sure loves their recycled king arthur takes). Much more existential than I was expecting with a very original take on honour and self worth.
Dev Patel is fucking excellent and absolutely killed it as do everyone else. Shot like a dream with such a beautiful score.
So close to 5 stars but I think it can be a little TOO obtuse at times (even after reading the poem and story beforehand) and the VFX is really shoddy in some scenes.