The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

I think that someone is trying to kill me
Infecting my blood and destroying my mind
No man of the flesh could ever stop me
The fight for this fish is a fight to the death

THE LIGHTHOUSE (2019) is Robert Eggers' version of PERSONA (1966). With a trunk full of shit, piss, farts, cum and sea creatures, he secludes to a remote island accompanied by two grueling seamen to catch a fragment of the insane. Cleansed from Ingmar Bergman's sensitive touch and feminine passion, Eggers subverts this conformed depiction of a shattered mind and instead succumbs into masculine madness. A visceral touch where there is nothing left to say or do besides gut-punches, and erattic behavior fueled by the stench of disgusting food and left-over vodka. An ambigious tale of toxic relationships with gaslighting lighthouses, mythological sea curses and Poseidon's, or Prometheus', chaotic nature.

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