Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★½

I honestly don't know what to say about The Last Jedi. While I enjoyed it somewhat overall (the acting was great all around, special effects and action scenes were spectacular and some sequences in this film are truly stunning and some of the best in all of the Star Wars saga), I still was very dissapointed by what I saw and it is quite sad that this movie really doesn't break any new ground in almost any way in terms of overall storytelling and plot.

The Force Awakens was accused by many to be a derivative and blatant copycat of A New Hope, and while I agree about that to a certain extent, at least it introduced many different characters, concepts and ideas that would be potentially explored in future films. But The Last Jedi proves that none of this things really mattered, since Disney thinks it would be much better to just take many differrent scenes from the original trilogy and shove them all together and hope that it will make a coherent and engaging story. But it doesn't, for me at least.

I mean you can say as many bad things about prequels as you want, but at least they showed and explored many new things and ideas that we have never seen in Star Wars before. Not all of it was successful, obviously, but at least they tried. This film on the other hand for the most part really doesn't. Instead it feels like Star Wars Original Trilogy Greatest Hits Compilation without any real substance on it's own. I never left a movie so confused about my feelings of what I just saw and I am honestly am really scared about the future of Star Wars now. So many characters and setups from The Force Awakens are either dropped aside or completely wasted, to make a place for new pointless characters and mildly amusing, but unneccessary and forced jokey moments.

With new movie now released every year, it really doesn't feel like a magical experience to go and see a new Star Wars movie anymore. If you are fine with the safe, by-the-numbers retelling of the original trilogy with some new characters and moments, then fine, good for you. I am just sad, that Star Wars, the franchise that impacted so many generations of people to create their own original and unique worlds and ideas has resorted to being an enjoyable, serviceable but overall an empty and forgettable product.

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