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  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty
  • Perfumed Nightmare
  • Tokyo Story

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  • The Tenants


  • Omens


  • Portraits of Mosquito Press


  • From the Dark Depths


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  • Barber's Tales

    Barber's Tales


    "Ganon ba talaga ang kapalaran natin? Pag hindi ka naging ina o may bahay, maging katulong ka na lang?"

    An excellent portrayal of the struggles of women in both the micro and macro scale.

    Setting this film in the time of Martial Law is the perfect analogy. Where the people, just like women under patriarchy, are subjugated and silenced by a fascist strongman with a fragile ego just like the Mayor and Marcos. (no wonder Duterte is a misogynist pig)…

  • Perfumed Nightmare

    Perfumed Nightmare


    This resonated with me quickly as I am extremely fascinated with anything involving space travel back then and until now. But critiquing neocolonialism and globalization with a dream-like tone and a quirky storytelling? And also advocating for Filipino heritage and going against the capitalist idea of progress all while coming off genuine and making your audience smile? YOU HAVE WON MY HEART KIDLAT TAHIMIK!

    I am now really convinced that what separates brilliant artists from good artists is looking at bridges, jeepneys, bamboos, and chimneys and seeing a million things other than itself.