Bergman Island

Bergman Island ★★★½

“Bergman Safari, babe.”

Spent most of the film wondering if or when they would play ABBA and Mia Hansen-Løve delivered! I quite liked this. Achieves what I think it set out to do: Make the audience want to learn more about Bergman, think about him differently as a man and artist, and explore his work. I haven’t seen as many films of his as I would like to, but after watching this I look forward to be able to look at them much more closely and find references to his island. When Krieps’s character starts talking about what she’s been writing and the film begins to focus on Wasikowska’s character, I found myself a bit bored. Then the film does this “movie in a movie” thing later which is neat but could have been executed better. I was left with some questions but overall, it was a nice, tranquil escape. 

TIFF #14

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