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  • Twins in Paradise

    Twins in Paradise


    the world is hell. our country was supposed to be a team, but by "working together" we thought they meant "buying our products" or "playing our sports." now rid of morality, the world collapses under its own internal weight of depression and anxiety and failure to act in accordance with the billboards that raised it. whether we like it or not, we always have each other.

  • Possession


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Truly I don't think I've ever been more disappointed by a movie. Never before has the distance between my expectations and reality been so wide. I was open to the possibility that I wouldn't like it as much as others do, and sometimes my ratings of revered movies tend to be a bit low, but Possession is something else. What an utterly unenjoyable watch from start to finish. This film encapsulates most things that I hate about films, and even…

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  • Soul



    Somehow turns an incredible premise into a David Foster Wallace lecture parody. The film reaches for a high-art conceit within a Buddhist-inspired setting that ends up feeling like a lazier rendition of Inside Out, spending less time on the incredible visuals and score than it does on insipid, obvious dialogue that is so easy to pick apart it becomes insulting halfway through. You can picture the writing team typing and storyboarding, thinking to themselves what a clever and beautiful film…

  • Titane



    **This review contains very mild spoilers**

    In the world of French filmmaker Julia Ducournau’s Palme d’Or-winning film,“Titane,” humans are appliances. They work and move like cogs in a machine without a sense of agency. Set in a future where even the natural movements and reactions of humans seem programmed, “Titane” highlights the small insidious ways technology has creeped into daily life. While their movements may resemble gears in a clockwork system, the film’s characters don’t come off as robotic or…