A Ghost Story ★★★★★

World comes to formation, a life breathes in it, it loves, it transforms, it lives and eventually dies. Life moves on for us, we grieve, talk, become lonely in closed spaces. With time, it starts to heal, we move out, leaving a piece of us behind. Someone other takes place and it just goes on and on...

A spirit flies around in the distant hollow, it has a sheet over it, waiting for someone he loves. He looks at her standing as his time has stood still while her moves fast. He waits and waits until she leaves, he tries to open something of her but everything befalls over him. There is this calm presence surrounding him with his feeling betraying him. Eventually leaping through time, he awaits just to find that piece she left for him.

A Ghost Story is a movie that really has left me speechless. With its soothing score, the melancholy it hits, with few words spoken throughout its runtime. C walks around with his whole body covered in sheet, watching M and his life as something that goes beyond what you expect.

Rooney Mara eating a whole pie for five minutes as she breaks down over her loss, breaks you in tiny little pieces bursting in tears without knowing. Every frame is like a dream, conversations don't matter, they are just there for the presence. It is a feeling that passes through, you feel connected to these two people who you know for about 10 minutes of their lives. The sequence of Rooney listening to the song is so beautifully shot, it just seems like something of a breeze.

I don't know if David Lowery know this but he has created a masterpiece that lives and breathe through his frames and a emotionally beautiful story. Every sequence is beautiful to watch, it surely will make you cry throughout its runtime.

Rooney Mara gives another stellar performance with the sheet giving the best of all.

A Ghost Story is visual poetry wrapped in love and loss. It explores a world that moves beyond our knowing, it wanders around haunting through a melancholy.

Andrew Droz Palermo's Cinematography and Daniel Hart's score are like soul of this movie.

A Ghost Story is like one day David Lowery sat in a room alone with a blank canvas in front of him, he just started painting something, using every color in his hands. When he presented to the audience, everyone started to look at it for hours and hours, moved by every little detail of it.

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