A Simple Plan ★★★★½

Set in the cold weather, A Simple Plan is a story about Hank who lives with his wife Sarah. They are expecting a new born baby soon. Hank's brother Jacob and his best friend Lou visit him ad they ride to the cemetery to lay flowers to their father. While driving they divert from a fox and chase it and they stumble upon a crashed plane and when looking inside they find a bag full of cash worth 4.4 million. While Hank suggests that they should turn the money to the police, Lou and Jacob suggest otherwise as both of them are currently unemployed and in need of money and with no witness or otherwise they decide to keep to money but Hank puts on some conditions before they distribute the money on which everyone agrees.

Directed by Sam Raimi, Hank tells Sarah about the movie, who reluctant at first changes her mind as soon as she looks at the money. Days go by and the plans, greed and manipulations starts to set in. On Sarah suggestion Hank takes Jacob to put some money back in the plane but with unfortunate circumstance they meet one of their neighbor there and with panic setting in, the murder the individual. Here the focus is not on Jacob because as his character is set you expect him to do that in a situation of panic but the when trying to dispose of the body Hank finds the neighbor still alive it's his decision to kill what takes effect.

Hank starts to spend time with Jacob who reveals some things about their father, how he went broke after sending Hank to college and truth about his death. Hank battles with morality about keeping the money, he keeps telling that this money will find them happiness, a world they never would have had. Sarah even pushes his morality further when she puts her truth about ambition in front of him. As Hanks trust for Lou becomes rather less and Lou pushing him to give him the money, Sarah hatches a plan which Hank executes with help of Jacob.

Everything surrounding Hank starts to become bleak, he himself have lost the person he once was. But true heartbreaking scene comes in towards the final showdown and truly you see how greed takes away the human within you.

Bill Paxton as Hank, Billy Bob Thornton as Jacob, Bridget Fonda as Sarah and Brent Briscoe as Lou give great performances but it is Billy Bob who stands out through his character of Jacob.

A Simple Plan is a tale of greed and how it eats through your thoughts and morality which leaves you doing things you didn't know were capable of and leaves you haunting for lifetime.