Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet ★★★★½

A small town with the suburban mix, Jeffrey walks through a vacant lot where he finds a ear cut off, as a good citizen he packs the ear in a small paper bag and hands it to Detective Williams...

In the curiosity that starts boiling in Jeffrey mind he meets Sandy, Detective Williams daughter who reveals something that makes Jeffrey become Sherlock Holmes and the soft touch of Blue Velvet sung in a nightclub by Dorothy Vallens and the madness that is Frank Booth slowly starts to unravel.

Swiftly watching this I as a viewer know what is happening at times, the question of weather Jeffrey is a pervert or a detective is for grabs. A robin which will fly to spark the light through this darkness, a change that befalls. A mystery which isn't from Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie but from the mind of David Lynch...

Hidden in the closet becoming the spectator, watching Frank become this monster and a pervert, inhaling from a mask, the lust thy thrusts him, Dorothy who becomes a mere mannequin whose job is just to be the submissive, befalls in the arms of Jeffrey, his disease inside her.

The fucks that Frank throws around meaning less than nothing, his anger is like a lost highway in Mulholland drive looking for the floating Eraserhead.

Still within the characters there is this vulnerability that dwells. Dorothy who has become helpless, contained, punishing herself. Sandy, her dreams and innocence, love that feels for her. Jeffrey in the midst of seeing something bad happening, questioning the worlds ugliness.

Isabella Rossellini gives layers of performance here, like a dream when she sings, vulnerable when she is with Jeffrey and helpless with Frank. Dennis Hopper is over the top, shouting the fucks out of his life. Kyle MacLachlan looking like a chocolate boy searching what he wants and how much. Laura Dern being the innocent and optimistic.

Only David Lynch can do this. The sublimity that the movie posses. The song that plays when needed, a dreamy cinematography that utters simplicity and the look that still feels like new.

Blue Velvet is like an item that is priceless. It is more than it looks still it is simple in its structure. It feathers like the touch we get feeling the velvet. At times it is thriller, suspense, love story and in its own dream that Lynch makes. 30 years have passed on still it looks like it was released yesterday.

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