Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★

As I stand in line to punch Vincent Gallo in the face, I look back at this movie telling a tale of a broken man finding something to hold on or to just give into his revenge.

Buffalo '66 open with Billy getting out of jail after 5 years serving. He kidnaps Layla, a dancer along the way so he can introduce her as his wife on the lies he told his parents over the course of his term. From the longs shots in the cold as Billy runs from one place to another in search of a bathroom, Bufalo '66 becomes a story that feels about two broken souls meeting each other.

Billy's character is something you will hate, he is a person who curses every three-four words. He is dominating, he insults people as he meets and trying to recover for a part of the conversation. Even when we meet his parents you will observe where it all comes from. His anger and the attitude he carries. His mother directly says to him wishing he wouldn't have born just so she wouldn't have miss the game. At times she even forgets she has a son named Billy. While his father outbursts for little things.

Layla's character is the most interesting part of this movie. You start to make a back story for her as in why would she even hang out with Billy when at any time she could have just left him. It felt like she didn't have anyone go back to or even this was the first time somebody asked her something. She takes Billy's insults while telling him he is a sweet guy and handsome too.

One of the most beautiful sequence of the movie is when Layla starts to dance in the bowling alley. The scene is like a dream.

Story, Music and Directed by Vincent Gallo, Buffalo '66 showcases Billy's fight with himself, his depression and loneliness. He tells that he would have had any girl in high school but he didn't. He makes lies to comfort himself and make him feel superior at times.

Christina Ricci as Layla is the best thing about the movie. You feel protective of her character as Gallo's Billy is an douchebag and an asshole too. She follows him, makes lies for him, fall for him but Billy just pushes her trying to avoid anything with a feeling with her.

Buffalo '66 is a beautifully framed movie with broken characters. It almost feels like this is the real Gallo and how he must be in reality and with even bigger ego and more self involved. It shows the coldness within its structure and the ambiguity of the feeling for the characters.

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