Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

Just Magical what Coen Brother's can do.

We see a week in Llewyn Davis's life. he is a folk singer, singing in a bar, sleeping on friends couch, looking for the cat, struggling his way.
We don't see excitement or drama in this story. We see a man and his day's going by.

The music which was an essential part of the story. The songs were beautiful. The movie had a feeling of the era which it is in. Coen brother's have done an extraordinary job with their camera work and screenplay and the feel and sense of the story.

Oscar Isaac has done an excellent job in his role. He gasped every aspect of Llewyn Davis's emotion. Carey Mulligan was just beautiful and eccentric in her role. The word that were coming out of her mouth WOW. I think asshole is the Carey should take royalty of.

This movie is journey in a folk singer's life where nothing really happens except some disappointments and some ass-hole work.
Coen Brother have put another extraordinay film that will be remembered through.

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