John Wick: Chapter 2 ★★★★★

When you see John Wick killing those two men with a pencil, be sure to note the time. Because at that exact moment Cinema peaked at its highest for everybody.

After the clinical triumph which was John Wick, we return after five days after it. John is now looking for his car for which he kills some more, and my god it was like taking the first lick of your favorite ice cream. After getting his car in a state which will take the year 2030 to back the way it was, John sits alone with his new dog. He is visited by Santino D'Antonio a crime lord who helped John in the impossible task assigned to get him out of that life, as John is still trying to retire he refuses Santino D'Antonio offer without listening and as John is in debt with this asshole, John has no other choice but to accept it and from that moment on retirement just doesn't bid well to him. We start to see John Wick the real John Wick who everyone is afraid of...

Every action sequence is so exquisitely choreographed that it is like watching two people doing salsa or tango. I mean Johnathan just swiftly kills everybody with a bloody headshot. If you thought the firts one was bloody and kickass, this one is double that and even more.

First of all this chapter is well structured. The fight sequence between John and Cassian in the subway is like John killing him softly. It is like a duel like no other. The gun shots they both trigger while chasing, so softly in the crowd and the final stab and Wick's one liner is like an icing to a great cake.

The third act of the movie when Johnathan has been marked, you will see one the best action you can in your life. It is not like John is picking up his gun everytime and shooting people here, but this time we see him getting into hand to hand combat. And trust me on this, the combat is not like the comic book combats where you get bored as soon the superhero punches his second move, here you are in the zone on how it gets interesting at every move Wick makes.

Even the camera work here is like a butter on a pan, just going with the flow. It never shakes, it like an buddy to John Wick. And if you thought the community Wick is in was just this from the part one, here is part 2 you will see a wider range of everything. From his suit, to his guns, coins, messages, I mean the way any hit is accounted is like an own government there and much better I think. The organization is well oiled machine.

And the scene you want to see this Matrix duo again is again a fire on the screen. It is casual, to the point and perfect. John is very less on words, but when he speaks it like something you end in your vocabulary.

Jon Woo would be so proud to see a action movie like this. I mean now we have something that can be certainly tag along with Hard Boiled. Even though the movie is not really high on its score, it has the theme of Wick that you know will get your groove going.

The bad guys and girls here were interesting in a sense as they had a presence. You don't really care at many points who really is bad, you just want Wick being Wick here.

But what stands out here still is the conversation between Wick and Winston also Charon.

Keanu Reeves as John Wick is like one of the best casting ever done. No one can play Johnathan Wick as Keanu does. He is just perfect, it is like this was the role he was born to play. He has this screen presence that was missing, the mans man. That rugged look, the coolness and how to handle action.

Ian McShane as Winston is as badass you can get, He is cool in his role, when he comes you can see the love and protection he has for John. Common as Cassian, Ruby Rose as the mute hitman and Laurence Fishburne as The Bowery King stand out in their supporting roles.

John Wick 2 is as sexy as an action movie can get. It has hints of John Woo. It has Keanu Reeves. We see John killing people with a pencil. And we leave looking back at our seats and imaging coming back again for the third chapter which would be more bloody than ever.

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