Kramer vs. Kramer

Kramer vs. Kramer ★★★★★

Ted is workaholic, who just won the biggest account the firm can take. To his joy he returns home to tell Joanna, instead he gets the news that she is leaving him for good. In this matter of 10 minutes we are very well established with the characters. We see the unhappiness draining from Joanna's eyes, the gestures which suggests how secondary his home life is meant for Ted.

Now, Ted still hoping for Joanna's return starts to take care of their son Billy who is seven years old. Now, at first he struggles to get everything on time, as he is more focused on his job, but soon he realizes his responsibility towards Billy and starts to make an effort.

But Joanna returns after nearly two years now to take custody of Billy and this hurts Ted as he has become a parent for the last 18 months which has changed him.

Adapted for the screen and Directed by Robert Benton Kramer vs. Kramer is a tale about appreciating and compromising yourself. As Ted was busting his ass in work and ignoring his wife and child, you can see how Joanna was struggling with it. How it was affecting her, she even says that she had no self esteem left. Ted even avoided her going back to work. But when Joanna leaves we see how Ted changes....

Ted was never a bad father, he was ignorant of his home life as Joanna made it easy for him. For Ted, the options of leaving Billy to relatives was an option when he had this big account in his hand, but he says no to that option.

He becomes a parent, a caring one even. Where Billy was struggling to be with his father and wanting his mother, Ted patiently accepted the fact. Billy slowly becomes more fond of Ted when he listens to the letter from Joanna.

You can just see the relationship between Ted and Billy grown just by looking the final scene between them. The french toast breakfast. How they are now in sync with their collaboration. The hug, the cry in the park when he Billy learns that his father won't be there for him every night to read and kiss him goodnight. I am leaning more towards Ted as I have a great relationship with my Dad. My dad is my rock, I can confide in him, he never judges me when I tell him anything. He has always been there at my good but mostly at my bad times. He has picked my up so many times that I just owe my whole life to him.

Kramer vs. Kramer is strong on its performances as it had to be. Dustin Hoffman as Ted Kramer is just brilliant to his core. The way he handles every situation, the silent expressions or the fun loving parent and even the workaholic part he just does that so perfectly. He characterizes the change so perfectly that right there you can say that this performance deserves every award there is. Meryl Streep as Joanna gives a performance which required showing she had little to no life left in her to continue. We can just see in her eyes and can tell the eight years of their marriage. Even Justin Henry as the seven year Billy makes you feel the every emotion a child is facing, the last moments with him and Dustin are nothing less than gold. I was crying till the last frame of this movie.

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