Lady Bird ★★★★★

Personally I am lost for words and this is not the first time this year that has happened with me but here with Greta Gerwig's directional debut Lady Bird, there is this feeling of nostalgia that came pouring down through those memories that reflect to the person I am today.

Lady Bird is a love letter for the both the parent and the child who is currently in the phase of his/her teenage life. When we are teenagers and in the final years of junior college, the one thing that comes to mind is to go away from your current life. There is this urge to experience everything and nothing. You are always on your edge with one of your parent or both. The one quote that really tells a part about Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson and her mother's relationship is this when Lady Bird's father says to her, She doesn't know how to help you and it frustrates her

There are so many moments in this movie that reflect on your life weather you have live the same way or not. The one thing Lady Bird does extremely well is that it is true to itself and to its characters. It never goes out of it way to create a moment that is larger than life rather it creates those little moments that make you life and who you are.

Lady Bird wants to go where the culture is, she is discovering love, sex, friendship and everything in between. Her friendship with Julie is a significant part of her life but when she tries to climb a ladder up she drifts from Julie. Her relationship with Kyle which she wants to be special leaves her with anger and disappointment. Greta Gerwig's honesty in the portrayal of the lives of these characters and their experiences is what makes this movie even more special.

There are many moments in this movie where you will tear up, like the moment where Lady Bird asks her mother if she likes her or the moment where Lady Bird goes to Julie's house before prom and they share heartfelt moment together of their friendship. But the moment that will leave you most teared is up the final 10 minutes of the movie. The letters and the phone call and the the images just leave you in awe of this movie.

Saoirse Ronan as Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson, gives her best performance to date. She takes everything that makes Christine "Lady Bird" McPherson special in every way and her journey even more. Her scene with Lucas Hedges who plays Danny behind the coffee shop where Lady Bird works really marks an emotionally warming moment between them. There are those little moments of Lady Bird that Saoirse really makes seen. Saoirse's scene with Laurie Metcalf are the best one's.

Laurie Metcalf who plays Christine's mother gives one of the most sublime performances. The mother-daughter relationship really pours between the back and forth sequence to something more emotional. When Christine says to her mother that there might be one night where she didn't have folded her clothes and went to sleep wishing her mother hadn't got angry and she just replies that her mother was abusive alcoholic.

Tracy Letts who plays Christine's father might be the performance that can be paralleled with Michael Stuhlbarg's performance in CMBYN. Tracy plays the calmed and composed father who is the good guy between Christine and her mother. Christine's moments with her father are really beautifully portrayed. Greta gives a moment of significance to Tracy's role as we see not only the good father part but part of his life where he has lost his job, has been in depression for years or how he hid that he felt bad that Christine told him to stop a block back from her school. But the most emotionally moment for him and Christine comes in on her birthday where he reassures Christine about her relationship with her mother.

Beanie Feldstein as Julianne "Julie" Steffans, Lucas Hedges as Danny and Timothée Chalamet as Kyle play their supporting characters exceptionally well.

Lady Bird is a movie that reflects on the memories that are made, the relationships we have that become a part of our lives, the love of a parent that goes beyond any words. Greta Gerwig's story and direction with exceptional dialogues makes Lady Bird everything and performances from her ensemble cast might get the awards they deserve especially Saoirse and Laurie. Her honesty to the characters she made and brought to life on the big screen is just magnificent to watch. Lady Bird is funny, emotionally, lovely, sublime and surreal. It is one of the best movies ever made!!!

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