Microphone ★★★★

"In art there are two things. A Creator and A Receiver, if one of the thing is missing then the art doesn't matter"

This is what is happening in this movie.There is art, there are creators but there is no receiver. This movie is about music, revolution, life and the truth. The music makes this movie a really powerful tool and the lyrics which are used very carefully with the real time situations is brilliant.
There are many things happening in this movie at the same time. But they meet together with one truth that there is no receiver for their art and how hard they try, they are getting the same conclusion.
One flaw of this movie is that the editing, which is not flawless. The director really captured some images and frames in this movie were brilliant.
The conversations were brilliantly written and executed really good. This movie is set in Egypt so before watching this movie just get a background on Egypt and how the people live there, because this movie is based on the life situations in Egypt.