Naked ★★★★★

Johnny: All right, listen. Does anybody mind if I scream here? Is that okay with you all? Cause I'd feel better for it. It won't take long.

Onto on his own nature of behavior, Johnny flees from Manchester after a sexual encounter turns into rape. As he arrives in London at his ex girlfriend Louise's house, he is met with Sophie with whom he has some talks and sex.

Dominating any conversation he starts to his sexual acts which turn into aggressions, Johnny is a self destructive person filled with his own ego trying to speak any word his mouth can blurt out. He talks about the modern culture of society, the end of the world. He sparks conversation with strangers who are kind of like him in some way. Lost, reckless, domineering.

You can even describe Johnny as a bully. He is intelligent, well read but he is own his own odyssey, drifting along the underbelly of this city. As he meets each stranger on his way, they are either working a job with no meaning or in a form alienation and depression touched upon them.

Johnny talks about god laughing upon us, looking to all these things happening around from greed to hunger and everything.

Written and Directed by Mike Leigh, He plays characters in this movie as dark, closed in space and alienated in their own way. He plays these two characters Johnny and Jeremy which from a different path of themselves. Johnny might still care for something but for Jeremy he feels nothing as he is pathological, sadistic in nature. Jeremy's sexual encounters are violent rape and nothing else.

Naked becomes a character study through Johnny and every person he meets. Many characters feel disconnected with the lives they are leading. I think this dialogue explains the characters than anything more Johnny: Have you ever thought, right, but you don't know, but you may have already lived the happiest day in your whole fuckin' life and all you have left to look forward to is fuckin' sickness and purgatory?

David Thewlis gets under the skin of Johnny playing him as he should be raw, desperate, alone, egoistic, sadistic and even intellectual. He is a side of coin where there might be something to pull him back. This might one of the best performances by any actor. It is just so fantastic and the last scene just gets to you.

Naked is something beyond its script and the words written. It becomes more of a reality that tends to be painful to watch, mirroring itself in a world which is swept itself in the burden of future that tends to be Naked.It is played through its characters more and the observations you make as they play. Even though this is my second from Mike Leigh but I think this will be my favorite from him.

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