Parasite ★★★★★

Since the announcement of Palme d'Or for Best Film, there has been a big curiosity rising about Bong Joon-ho's Parasite. Storytelling is one aspect that flows through the movie, the characters and everything surrounding it. Parasite presses into something so unique and yet so real at point that you are awe struck by the beautiful flow of it.

Returning from the triumph that was Okja, Bong steps into a territory of social status that of the one percent and the working class structure that slowly builds into a magnificent display of cinema. Kim's family is getting through their ends meet by folding pizza boxes. They have to stand into corners just to get a wi fi signal. There are no opportunities but one day opportunity knocks on their door and they take full benefit of it...Until...

Well I am not going to talk any further about this movie as I want everyone reading this to enjoy and experience the movie to its fullest. It is one of a kind experience and when the credits roll, you just start to clap or have an reaction you haven't had for a while. The beauty this movie possess, the performances the stay and each turning of events that slowly build... it is just exceptional to take it all in.

Masterpiece! We have our Best Foreign Language Film of this year!

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