Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★★

Travis is someone who is drifting himself to the unknown. He is in the search for something. But he is lost, to himself, he is broken.

There are movies that take time and slowly get into your inner emotional side. Paris, Texas is that movie. At first I just thought it would be something about a persons life and his search for the missing, but instead it took another route of love, bonding, the mistakes made and the bond that was to happen.

In the final moments of the movie where Travis is talking to Jane and he is telling a story about them... The way the story starts and ends I was in there with Jane, in that room listening. Weeping with Jane with Travis. The love they shared, the worry that Jane felt, the emotion that caused them to drift... I was shattered listening to it. There was images playing in my head on how it must have happened.

The movie is a beauty in itself, it shows love in a manner that it is something that gives a person strength and the emotion to bear it. Travis wandered for four years, looking for that broken heart, going to a place where he will be unknown and his pain waving.

Harry Dean Stanton gives one of the best performances I have seen.
Nastassja Kinski is just breathtaking.

This is one the best movies I have ever seen.

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