Satantango ★★★★★

'What can you make in a small village?'
'You can make a masterpiece'

A 7 hour and 30 minutes of pure experience, which can make you feel that Cinema is life and it's worth living for.

Bela Tarr has made a art which is beyond imagination, it is like entering into his world and experiencing it frame by frame. Werckmeister Harmonies which I had a first hand experiencing to a world I have never entered before, and now this. I literally don't have words to describe it.

The camera, the feeling, the village, the people, the life and the experience within it. Bela Tarr has given us a gift. One of the story in this movie is of A Girl and her Cat, it was an emotional journey altogether for me.

I am now definitely confident that I want to be a Film maker. Thank You Bela Tarr. I recommend everybody who will read this review to spare 7 hours and 30 minutes not altogether but give it to this movie. It is a experience of a lifetime.

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