T2 Trainspotting

T2 Trainspotting ★★★★

20 years have passed. What has changed? Just the age and nothing else for that matters. Mark "Rent Boy" Renton returns to his hometown which he left betraying his best friends.

Spud struggling still with his addiction. Simon has took over the bar which no one visits now and he has a lady friend with him named Veronika with whom he blackmails people. And Franco, still the same bad mouth, angered fella he his.

Life is still sucking the life out of them. Drugs are still part of them but not to the extent they were using 20 years ago. Even though this is a sequel but it feels like a stand alone movie. It is more character centric trying to get back and moving forward step by step and coming back whole circle.

It hosts these fellas into nostalgia from their first needle to sitting together in school. Trying to go past their mistakes but still trying to run from life.

What made Trainspotting interesting and what it is now is that it was innovative, original and a wild ride. It showed the outcomes of drugs, the badness, the nasty side of it. And how can we forget the toilet scene, I mean many of us have puked while the scene was happening.

T2 kind of stands still in the lives of these friends. They really haven't moved, might be a inch but they still are what they were. Life has beaten them. They can't run away anymore. They have to accept what it it now.

I loved the scene between Franco and his son and his realization that a chance can change a life. He never had that and also he chose the wrong path.

Visually T2 is stunning, with its slime editing and inter cuts it keeps you ticking and see whatever comes even the betrayal these guys are still friends.

T2 captures an emotional side to the characters. Spud's character arc became more interesting and surprisingly more evolved than others.

Danny Boyle keeps it rather simple that experimenting with it like the first one. He still captures a originality here and a different path. Banging on some cool tracks along the way.

Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller and Robert Carlyle are excellent in their roles keeping the memories fresh even after 20 years. Kelly Macdonald has a brief appearance and I am glad she was in this. Anjela Nedyalkova as Veronika is the new cast member which becomes an essential part of the story.

T2 is different from from Trainspotting it is more stable than wild. It is different more like a lone wolf trying to find its family back. I loved it.


'Choose life'. 'Choose life' was a well meaning slogan from a 1980's anti-drug campaign and we used to add things to it, so I might say for example, choose... designer lingerie, in the vain hope of kicking some life back into a dead relationship. Choose handbags, choose high-heeled shoes, cashmere and silk, to make yourself feel what passes for happy. Choose an iPhone made in China by a woman who jumped out of a window and stick it in the pocket of your jacket fresh from a South-Asian Firetrap. Choose Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and a thousand others ways to spew your bile across people you've never met. Choose updating your profile, tell the world what you had for breakfast and hope that someone, somewhere cares. Choose looking up old flames, desperate to believe that you don't look as bad as they do. Choose live-blogging, from your first wank 'til your last breath; human interaction reduced to nothing more than data. Choose ten things you never knew about celebrities who've had surgery. Choose screaming about abortion. Choose rape jokes, slut-shaming, revenge porn and an endless tide of depressing misogyny. Choose 9/11 never happened, and if it did, it was the Jews. Choose a zero-hour contract and a two-hour journey to work. And choose the same for your kids, only worse, and maybe tell yourself that it's better that they never happened. And then sit back and smother the pain with an unknown dose of an unknown drug made in somebody's fucking kitchen. Choose unfulfilled promise and wishing you'd done it all differently. Choose never learning from your own mistakes. Choose watching history repeat itself. Choose the slow reconciliation towards what you can get, rather than what you always hoped for. Settle for less and keep a brave face on it. Choose disappointment and choose losing the ones you love, then as they fall from view, a piece of you dies with them until you can see that one day in the future, piece by piece, they will all be gone and there'll be nothing left of you to call alive or dead. Choose your future, Veronika. Choose life.

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