The Ascent

The Ascent ★★★★★

Well....This is more close to our conscience than anything. It just pours into the circumstances, what it means to be human. It is not just about loyalty it is about self reflection. How are you going to go on with your life? Even after death. The stream of the mind in the midst of war, the coldness freezing the soul, survival becomes the most deep inflicted factor. Two soldiers are sent in search for food, what they find after reaching the village is nothing but dust covered in snow. It is a journey that not only brings in what is to be a soldier and the survival instinct that goes with it, it also brings in the morality of all of it.

The final shot is so harrowing that you are clinged to your seat, screaming into the void. Last time I was like this when I finished The Human Condition Trilogy, that final scene of the movie still haunts me and now The Ascent is added to that. It is gorgeously shot in the snow, the close ups are so revealing that you feel the presence of that character with you.

The final 15-20 minutes of the movie are one of the best things I have ever seen. It really pierces our soul. The cries, the pleading and asking for forgiveness. The Ascent is a masterpiece that will remain with you till the end.

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