The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★★

Beautiful, Spellbinding, Mesmerizing and Lovely

From the first scene of the movie where a woman is telling a story to her daughter about star and leaves I knew I was going to give this movie a full score.

The film discovers identity, love, and human intuition through Weronika and Veronique. They don't know each other but still they have a bond that transcends them. We see how Weronika wakes up and suddenly feels like she is not alone in this world as she is sensing the presence of Veronique. She has beautiful voice, she feels the surrounding between her. One of the most important scene was when Weronika discovers Veronique in the bus taking photos and she stunned and looking at her like a statue.

Where we Veronique who senses a emptiness in her life as the connection when Weronika dies during the concert. She quits singing and starts teaching music. She is in love with a stranger who had called her and just listened to voice and sounds of daily life. but she notices that he is the puppeteer. They meet in a coffee shop where he tells her he wants to write a real book on her. They make love and he tells her that he wants know everything about her as she empties her purse. Soon she discovers a photo of Weronika for the first time and starts to cry while he comforts her.

Véronique sees Alexandre working on a new marionette with her image. When asked about the purpose of a second identical marionette, Alexandre explains, "I handle them a lot when I perform. They get damaged easily." He shows her how to work the one marionette while the double lays lifeless on the table.

First I want to appreciate Krzysztof Kieślowski beautiful and exceptional direction. I loved how he used the light on Veronique and how he was describing her. It was just beautiful and how he handled the themes in this movie in a way we just transcend in the characters. The music was just a cherry on top.

Irene Jacob. She is just beautiful and lovely. Her style of taking her hair back and looking at something, the how she was sensing her character. Her lips, hair everything about her was mesmerizing for me. How she looks through the little glass ball. Her expressions, how she sleeps, just lets herself go.

I am just in love with this movie.

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