The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

Ok... On the one side you got Russell Crowe and on the other you got Ryan Gosling. But, Do you know who steals every scene from them? Angourie Rice...

Well, after the not so good Iron Man 3 where Shane Black was kept closeted by Marvel, he comes back with to his original style. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a movie I love very much, it has everything you can look for in a movie to your enjoyment.

The Nice Guys is another Shane Black classic here. Two guys one beats the shit out of everyone and gets paid for it and another who can't smell shit. I mean from the start the misfits begins here.

I love the scene where Crowe just beats the shit out of Gosling, I just played that scene thrice and laughed out loud. The Nice Guys is a classic buddy comedy, where mostly gets everything from the chemistry from it's lead characters.

One of the best things about the movie is the ending, where it gives the realistic feel to it even though these both hanged their life to it. But you know life just fucking goes on.

But Angourie Rice as Gosling daughter was the real star here. I mean after watching Stranger Things, child actors are doing more acting and stealing the thunder from big actors nowadays.

I also loved when Shane Black got emotional with his characters, like when Crowe explains the one time he felt important or even the moments of Crowe with Gosling's daughter, the connection they have, where he see a good part of himself. Goslings character trying hard to be a jackass but still caring for the truth and how his daughter feels about him. Also, I love when he always forgot his daughters friends name.

Also they kept calling Porn an experimental film... Yep, we initially know what it was but still...

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