Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★½

It had come to a point where every MCU movie looked and felt the same, forgotten in a week until the next came in a month on the big screen. But Thor: Ragnarok brought in a bit of excitement within as the trailer dropped with the Immigrant Song and Cate Blanchett arriving like a queen and Taika Waititi helming the directors chair.

Thor: Ragnarok opens with Thor having a talk with fire demon Surtur, the talk ends and Thor calls his hammer smashing everyone in the place as the Immigrant Songs starts to blast in Dolby Atmos. It has been two years since Battle of Sokovia, Thor returns to Asgard to find his father only to know that he is on earth living his last days.

Much to surprise to both Thor and Loki, Odin reveals that his first born and their sister Hela will be freed from her prison and will return to claim Asgard. Hela is the Goddess of Death and she fought alongside with Odin to conquer the nine realms but Odin banished her as her ambition outgrown his.

Hela's arrival puts Thor in vulnerable position as she is stronger than him as she smashes his hammer in tiny little pieces before him. Thor is diverted to another planter while chasing Hela along with Loki. As Thor tries to return to Asgard to stop Hela, many things emerge to much excitement and some old buddies and warriors are met.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor Ragnarok might be a tad bit different from other MCU outing as Taika puts his own ingredients making it more eventful, entertaining and a total blast to watch. Another thing Ragnarok does better is the use of score and songs which are mixed along some retro electronics.

The fight sequences between Hulk and Thor is way better than Batman and Superman that I can admit here, it packs the punch along with the spectators watching them, the expressions of Loki and Grandmaster help create the excitement.

But Ragnarok lacks where every MCU movie has been, even with Taika's humor and grand visuals it lacks the grand evil it ever needed. Hela's entry and backstory is shown with some strong entity but her arrival in Asgard except for her wrath in the beginning nothing really remains with you.

But we have to give it to Taika for the epic grand finale that again plays with Immigrant Song being blasted. The entries by everyone bring in the roars and whistles all around the theater which is something grand to watch and Taika playing Korg might be the biggest highlight of this movie.

Jeff Goldblum looks like he has time of his life on the set as his appearance in the movie is really entertaining and everything you might expect. Cate Blanchett as Hela might be underused but her presence on the screen as the Goddess of Death is million bucks. Whenever she is in the frame you are just with her character.

Mark Mothersbaugh score really provides this retro feel mixed with modern effects. And this might be the only MCU movie that has a very good score that can be remembered.

Thor: Ragnarok is high on visuals and entertains till the end, it provides humor when needed along with excellent battle sequences especially the final one. Taika Waititi has made every dollar invested in this movie count, I wish he had used Blanchett to the full force of evil but what he gives is way better than any MCU film since The Avengers.

Also, Odin sucks! Fuck Him!

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