Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★★★

The burning flame from the lighter. Smoke of the cigarette fumed. Sailor beats a man who tries to kill him, hired by her girlfriend Lula's mother. Forbidden Love. Jail Time. Lovers Meet. Snake Skin Jacket. Making love in the motel while the mother hatches a plan to kill Sailor.

Cage bringing out his crazy Elvis, singing and dancing. Being Crazy Nic Cage he is. On the run for love. Bad and Good Witches flying in dreams. Sailor telling a story about how he one day got a Boner while Lula gets excited. Again making love in the motel.

Lynch playing with dreams and fantasy that blur the line.

Hitman. Dude from Eraserhead. Meet Bobby. Crazy ass motherfucker. Weird smile. Terrifying Lula by asking her to say 'Fuck me'. Easy Money. Robbery. Who crazy more? Cage or Dafoe?

Wild At Heart. Two Lovers. Mother trying to keep them apart. Breaking free. Singing songs. David Lynch creating his way into a love story. Burning flames that haunt memories. Past that wasn't needed to be brought up.

Laura Dern screaming her guts out. Playing a role she was meant to play. Nic Cage becomes her perfect partner in love. Bringing in Wizard of Oz. Only Lynch can do that.

That might have been a wild year when this movie won Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. This is thrill ride with ingredients of Lynch. Not your traditional break out love story but a love story that ends with Nic Cage singing Love Me Tender.

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