Wild Rose ★★★★½

A dream is like beating heart that you just can't live without, the sheer passion for that dream to become reality, the struggle for it and the hard knocks you face along the journey are something that lead you to either learn or leave.

Rose has just gotten out of prison, her dream is to reach Nashville and become a country singer. But she is in Glasgow with two kids, with whom she doesn't have a relationship. There is no doubt that Rose is talented when she sings, her voice is just something you immediately fall in love with. But just being talented is not enough, the drive it requires, the hard work and there are many elements that lock into it.

The great thing about this movie is how Rose's character is developed. She is far from perfect, she has to work on her relationships, importantly she has to acknowledge them. When chasing dreams you sometimes forget the people who are there with you in those moments. Rose's character is never afraid to show vulnerability, her mistakes, the truth and the hope of it all. The most important thing Rose has to do is to keep her promises and be focused on what she wants.

Jessie Buckley as Rose is just phenomenal in every frame. It is her performance that drives the story, her voice, the little expressions she dies that moves you. Wild Rose is a story that makes you see yourself in Rose at times, your dreams and hopes. The craziness and the failures. The feeling of just not happening... And the realization of the people who are there.

Take a chance on Wild Rose.

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