Dunkirk ★★★★

this is gonna be a longer review but i have some actual things to say!

i decided to see this because all my boiz were involved in making it but i was super nervous because i really dislike war movies. i find them boring and repetitive and i always end up zoning out. especially after hearing that there's very little dialogue and also that we aren't intended to be emotionally invested in the characters, i figured it would be a struggle for me to stay awake. but my god...i could not have disengaged from this movie if i tried.

every shot (and i mean every shot. every single one.) of this is too grand for words. this is a visually stunning movie. even shots of horrific violence were like...aesthetically pleasing? there was such a good balance in every shot of keeping the commitment to the movie's gorgeous visuals and still effectively depicting how terrifying and brutal these events were. i didn't even know that was possible until this movie. if you watch this in a movie theatre i can guarantee that you will feel like you are in this movie. the score alone was enough to illicit emotion in me that i didn't know i had, and it was perfect with every single scene, allowing me to feel exactly how nolan intended me to even without dialogue or attachment to the characters. if nothing else, this movie is immersive. to an unbelievable extent. everyone who worked on this movie is a straight up master of their craft, and i was still shaking a good half hour after this was finished. it is absolutely stunning.

also, the acting was amazing. (even harry styles.) (especially harry styles.) everyone impressed me despite small roles, minimal dialogue (and the dialogue it did have was very british and very mumbly), and the fact that everyone looked the exact same.

i also didn't think that we would get the Chris Nolan TM mind bending story, playing with time, larger than life visuals, or any of his other trademarks in a film where he had to work within the confines of history and reality. but i was wrong and he still did it and i'm so happy and it was so good.

i also know that i already mentioned the score briefly but. the score. THE SCORE! watch it just for that. it would still be worth the $13 theatre ticket just for that.

i can't give this more than 4 stars though, because it's still a war film. the emotional disconnect from the characters, while intentional, was still a problem for me. but giving it any less than 4 stars would literally be a crime, because it blew away my expectations in every sense. this was literally the best way possible to tell this story, every single choice that was made in the making of this just made so much sense, and the result is an absolute masterpiece. and, most importantly, it kept my entire attention through multiple explosions and an army of white brown haired british twinks mumbling occasionally for almost 2 hours. that's a real feat.

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