Tenet ★★★

in a way, i think this is the perfect movie to pick as the first theatre viewing in five months, because it's such a Movie. hot ppl real big in the screen. stuff blow up loudly. what else can you ask for?

however the alternative side of this being the first theatrical release of the pandemic is that i couldn't help but think the whole time damn....i risked my life....for this? so perhaps that made it seem worse than it was. i will say all the required Things are good (apart from maybe....the script), it looks great and is really well acted. but still i am going to go into excruciating detail about the things i did not like about it:

i think we're at the point now where christopher nolan just be doing the same thing over and over. this is inception again except ten years ago, things like this were way more original, and also all of us had ten years less critical thinking skills than we do now (maybe i can only speak for myself on that one). but as a result i find this formula doesn't work anymore. idk. i was talking to my friend about this movie today and i compared it to season 6 of rupauls drag race where milk, the bitch who always comes on the runway wearing crazy shit, gets the critique that it would honestly be more shocking at this point if she just came out in an amazing, traditionally glamorous look. this is how i feel about christopher nolan. at this point, i'd be much more shocked + impressed if he just made a movie with a coherent plot, rather than trying to one-up the same crazy shit he always does (something more in the direction of dunkirk, which impressed me way more than this). you know?

i also think this was really super sexist. not sure if i was overreacting? and i also was sitting in the theatre truly thinking that i simply Could Not Hear until afterwards when i saw other people complaining about the sound mixing so thanks for validating me everyone. what they're saying is true, the combo of not being able to hear shit and then not being able to understand the shit that you do hear was...a lot.

another problem is so much of what impresses me about this is things that i never would have known just based on the movie as it stands. like reading about how its made and how there's almost no VFX shots and how he filmed almost all the scenes forward and backwards...like that's sick! but i literally COULD NOT TELL. so.....does it even matter? or are you just a control freak who is out of ideas? i don't know the answer to this. i'm also sure that it's just my untrained eye and there are people who can tell this kind of stuff just from watching the movie. but what's the flex in not using VFX if you just....could've used it...and saved everyone a lot of trouble? i don't knooooow.

tldr i think you get exactly what you sign up for with this one

and as a postscript john david washington.......can get it.....robert pattinson is just .......he's SO SEXY...elizabeth debicki opens a car door WITH HER LEGS while tied up......combined with the points made in this review and the Pandemique Horniness and the alertness of all my senses due to the constant fear of someone coughing on me..... it was just all a lot to process at once i'll say that.

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