Apocalypse Now ★★★★

In the 1983 cult classic George Michael as our protagonist has to face a hard decision of going down the road or not. George Michael also the lead singer of Genesis which is a dope ass name for a band didn’t wanna do this movie but he did anyway because he was going through a divorce and hookers are legal in saigon. So he went to saigon and realized he needed to write a script so he wrote apocalypse now cuz he was bored.
Now for the review. (spoilers)

The movie starts in Mexico when he expressed his love with music and his families unjustified hate for it. The day of the dead is approaching which is a holiday for dead people or something. So since his parents don’t like music he makes a secret den in like an attic or something where he has a tv somehow in mexico. Talk about unrealistic. Then he sees this mexicano alfredo guy on tv and paints his guitar like this. Now it’s the day of the dead and blah blah blah he goes through a portal and meets his dead family member and meets this one guy who doesn’t want to be forgotten so then the guy says he knows the guy or something and they go to a talent show and win but have to run from a giant dog or cat and they hide in a trumbone then they find out the guy poisoned the guy and George Michaels character finds out that the guy he thought was his grandfather was actually not and the other guy is. So then they’re in a sorority ditch and the mexicano alfredo is evil and is trying to kill them through haitian cow voodo by putting them in a ditch but at the end they show everybody how big a dick he is so now everybody hates him. And they get out of the ditch by the spirit slut. Then he goes back and he tells them he was killed and then he kills the bald guy.
I really enjoyed this movie written and directed by George Michael because it really does show the duality of man expecially in the boot camp sequence. Yummy cummy yummy cummy. The score also is strong and passionate. Part of me thinks this was just a way for George Michael to kick off his own solo career.  I would give this movie a solid 8/10 with the exception of the score which id give a 6/10 and acting 5/10 but cinematography should be 9/10, the food scene is a 10/10, i like the sex scene but my cinephelic tendencies force me to give it a 4/10 purely based monoritic contence. One thing I just can’t get over is how this was filmed in a foreign land. I praise the film makers for having the patience but wow that must suck.