Generation Wealth ★★★

soooooo close to being good. the footage and interviews have enough interesting content to easily fill 3 documentaries, but the uneven structure and framing device make it clear that greenfield doesn’t really know what to say with this wealth of material. 

the thesis is... reality TV bad, sex bad, i guess? there’s not a lot of commentary here that we haven’t seen already, and for a film about capitalism it tends to ignore root causes of social systems in favor of individual decisions. there’s also a weird puritan bootstrap thing going on here, which suggests that america was better in the 50s-60s because of all the upward mobility or whatever.

(also, like, i LOVE a good framing device, and i love documentaries that use personal stories to illustrate larger issues, but using this film as a retrospective of the director’s own career and family life felt so damn weird? and the clips where her kids asked her to stop filming around the house and she laughed? and then put them in her film? not cute.)