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  • Burial Ground
  • Bone Sickness
  • Zombie 90: Extreme Pestilence
  • Pacific Rim

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  • Apocalypse Pompeii


  • Black Candles


  • Watch Me Die


  • Video Murders


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  • Apocalypse Pompeii

    Apocalypse Pompeii

    Apocalypse Pompeii is the mockbuster of the decent Pompeii film. Like most The Asylum disaster films it features a family split up and trying to reunite during much of the film. They have to dodge various obstacles both disaster and Human related in the hopes of reuniting. It's not a spoiler to mention that of course they are reunited while many minor characters die. Unlike most Asylum disaster films this doesn't feature one part of the family driving endlessly through…

  • Black Candles

    Black Candles

    Not the best film by Larraz but there's nudity and/or sex about every three minutes so you won't get bored. The women aren't the greatest looking in Euro-trash films but still decent. Horror scenes are minimal though there is a woman having sex with a goat including sucking on its ears and a sword up a guy's butt with blood spurting from his mouth. Lacks the charm of most Larraz films before and after this but if you just want straight up sleaze and skin it's worth seeing.

Popular reviews

  • A Fucking Cruel Nightmare

    A Fucking Cruel Nightmare


    Gore, gore, gore, just one gore scene after another, one of the bloodiest films of all time. Some of the gore fx are medicore others are pretty good. A must see for German gore fans and people who hate plots, stories and characterization.

  • Evaporation



    Another sick classic from Michigan's best horror filmmaker James Bell. Evaporation comes in at under 60 minutes and doesn't feature a single line of dialogue. It's just a sucession of sick/gory/disturbing images filmed in the decaying industrial wasteland of Detroit. This gives it an apocalyptic vibe the same as many of James' films. The gore is done in his signature style- not totally realistic but with a consistent and unique charm. It does start out a tad slow but once…