Captain Marvel ★★★★

"Higher further faster, baby"

I'm not trying to sound cliche when I say that this film, for Marvel, has been a long time coming. Whether or not you had any interest in when Marvel would release its first female-led film, it was ultimately an inevitability that, given how long it took to happen, was going to be something of its own regardless of how it would be ultimately received.

With that said, I was anxious for this film. I'm a big fan of Marvel and that's only developed with time and while I was excited by the trailers for this film, I wasn't blown away by them, either. I am a fan of the Captain Marvel comic origin story though, so I went in hoping for the best. Having seen it now, I feel I can safely say I wasn't disappointed.

As the final MCU film to be released pre-Endgame, and likely what will be the last origin story for quite some time going forward, Captain Marvel is (fitting to it's theme) quick-paced from the start. If I had any complaints about the film it truly would only be that I wish it were longer. I feel some aspects of the plot were rushed through and that as a result, the pace comes across as off sometimes. Even so, it wasn't enough to deter my enjoyment.

The film is fun, both in placement and presentation of comedic moments but also in conveying of the story as a whole. I was surprised by how often I was really caught up even in just the setting of a scene, and the extent to which I was impressed by the film's visuals. I felt the trailers for Captain Marvel were especially vague, but the way the film stages itself really leaves no room for confusion; it could even be argued that at times, perhaps, some things were a little "too easy" to catch on too.

I felt Jude Law could have been better used in this film because I really do feel he has so much potential as a cast member to any film, but I also felt that Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, and Lashana Lynch easily stole the spotlight as far as the additional cast for this one is concerned.

Above all, I really loved Carol Danvers as a character. It would be a lie to say she's my new favorite or that I think she's the best in the MCU, but I really enjoyed her and with the display of what she's capable of to be known to viewers now, it really was like the final piece settling in the puzzle to go forward and into Endgame. I am convinced Captain Marvel will be serving an important role.

As a final note, and knowing I stand the risk of dwelling on the cliche, it was really nice to see a film that took nods to the typical and frequent criticisms directed a women as aim to discredit them potential capabilities. Being "too emotional" as a weakness, and simultaneously simply "not strong enough," to "not belong" and not smile enough, not be revealing enough, etc. etc.

I know some will probably read this and feel irritated to refer to something that may feel stereotypical given this situation at hand but whether it's important to you or not it should be acknowledged that this is a special moment. Marvel films have been around for a long time, and the MCU specifically is over a decade old and it has just received its first female-led film. A female lead who is athletic, and not presented as a sex symbol, and maybe not as bubbly as some might like. Whether you want to think about or give credit to those things or not, they're important, and this movie is too; in that way at least, if not others.

So yes, I say, I loved it. I'm already looking forward to watching it again. I encourage you to watch it. For whatever reasons you feel inspired to do so. Just give it your thoughts and reflect the ways in which it might convey something to you, and I hope everyone can find something special in it for themselves, too.

P.S. Goose? Brilliant. A star. 10 out of 10. Can't wait for Goose's standalone film. That's where the real money lies.

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