Ran ★★★★★

“we too are children of this age, weaned on strife and chaos.”

a poetic behemoth of cinema, forged by the greats of ishirō honda and george lucas, to name a few, akira kurosawa’s tragic tale of king lear is orchestrated in a grandiose spectacle. spilling eastern bloodshed to shakespearean melodrama, ran bursts the accumulated anger of atrocities slain by men who know no consequences. a physically elaborate soliloquy, from the vantage point of divinity gazing onward, kurosawa’s feudal epic is violently harmonious with bottomless guilt and betrayal. unfathomable carnage by the conquests of ego, tatsuya nakadai is tremendous in his caricatured lonely descent to madness (might be my favorite actor this year or up there with chris walken & liv ullmann!). a lifetime of samurai arrogance evaporated at the snatch of hierarchy emblazoned through vibrant paranoia. cosmic barrenness trickling down beautifully brooding skies… and you create all that near blind?? five stars, to the master. FIVE STARS. 

last but not least, lady kaede they could never make me hate you <3

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