The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★½

“what do i want, papa?”

woefully intimate with traversing humanity in retrospect of one’s self-discovery, krzysztof kieślowski caresses poetic solitude with an operatic magnetism. embracing feelings tethered to uncertainty, the double life of véronique synchronizes two existences through a musical connection. driven by iréne jacobs’ breathtaking performance and the soul of emotions gleaming from her eyes alone, the mirrored heroines delicately trace their significance behind existing—regenerating human spirit through metempsychosis on celluloid. sensuous autumn tones halo kieślowski’s romantic kaleidoscope, transcending the realm of vulnerability with a feathery luminescence. finding love and losing it, binding yourself to the reminiscences of bliss that fate lets go, véronique soothes ephemeral suffering by enrapturing itself in the abstract of lonesome magic. 

“actually, i came here to tell you i love you.”

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