Blindspotting ★★★★½

Really good. Blindspotting is bold, original and thought-provoking with a brilliant performance from Daveed Diggs in a way that challenges audiences and creates a plot that will stick with them long after the film has finished. Carlos López Estrada establishes himself as a director to be keep an eye out for and it's worth mentioning just how good the split is between comedy and tension in the incredibly smart script, never feeling too inconsistent when it pauses to make jokes at the expense of films of Alfred Hitchcock and M. Night Shyamalan in a spectacular scene.

It's hard to think of a film quite like this one - although a good double feature would be with the equally good Sorry to Bother You - Blindspotting is a tour-de-force that grabs your attention from the word go, and there's absolutely *no way* Green Book should have been even in contention for the Oscar spot let alone won best picture when this film exists.