Captain Marvel ★★★★

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck's Captain Marvel is an enjoyable, well-crafted 90s throwback with a killer soundtrack that's one of the best superhero origin stories. I loved it - from the first moment to the last. Brie Larson is brilliant, and I'm looking forward to seeing Captain Marvel become the centre of the MCU going forward following whatever happens in Endgame. This film was a long time coming, and we should have gotten it much, much sooner.

The French Connection-influenced train sequence fairly early on was fun and it didn't take very long to sell me on this movie, which has a lot of fun action scenes and uses its humour well, reminding me almost of a tonal mix between the small-town scenes in Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy, with shades of the Jason Bourne trilogy thrown in there for good measure. There is a lot of nods and references to the wider MCU beyond just appearances from the more established characters yet it is played in a way that allows the film to work on its own, never forgetting that Carol Danvers is its lead. It's a personal, character-driven story that has heart and soul to spare, refreshingly straightforward and back to basics in its approach.

I loved the de-ageing technology that really lets Samuel L. Jackson shine as a younger Fury, alongside a rare, against-type performance for Ben Mendelsohn who should be cast in more comedies. It will never not be cool seeing an appearance from Clark Gregg's Coulson (One of my wishes is that he shows up in Endgame, and I would love to see the AoS cast show up too in some capacity) and as it turns out I couldn't have timed this better in my pre-Endgame preparation, as it feeds nicely into the next film on my list - The Avengers.

The movie's final act is exciting and more than rewarding, and one of the best executed-acts in the MCU so far. (whilst I'm ever-so slightly disappointed Chewie's name was changed to Goose, it fits and the cat stole pretty much every scene she was in.) Captain Marvel is a resounding success and those 124 minutes went by like nothing at all. I could have quite happily sat in the cinema for much longer.

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