Ran ★★★★★

Watched on Blu-Ray

One of Kurosawa's best, and the greatest Shakespeare adaption that I've seen to date. The sheer scale of this thing is unrivalled - its usage of colours is excellent - perhaps never bettered - and it took my breath away watching it. I put this off for a while but I'm glad I finally gave it a watch - it's every bit as engrossing as I was led to believe it was and more than lives up to the bill.

It's pretty much a perfect film. The performances - especially by Tatsuya Nakadai, bring King Lear to life before our eyes and the original choice to place the narrative in a different time period avoids the repetitive feel that the stuffy uptight and soulless adaptions can sometimes have.

Ran feels like a culmination of Kurosawa's career even if it wasn't his last film, a true late-career masterpiece from one of the finest directors in cinematic history, with some impeccable visuals. I'd kill to see it on the big screen - no television can really do it justice.

The best thing that I've watched in lockdown so far.

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