Rim of the World ★★½

An unfortunately generic result of what happens when someone decides to put Independence Day and Stranger Things in a blender with as much Spielbergian nostalgia as possible, Rim of the World stumbles at almost every turn. The jokes for the most part don't land and its super derivative nature really put me off - there's nothing original about it with the film feeling incredibly rushed, something that has been a problem with a couple of recent Netflix originals that I've seen.

With little in the way of surprises, Rim of the World is a misfire and a couple of enjoyable scenes don't save that. The kids-on-bikes scene is where the film demonstrates some of its heart, and whilst the kids are good in the lead roles, don't expect this film to set the world alight. If you're bored and looking for some time to kill before Stranger Things 3 this could be an option, although you're better off just rewatching the series.