Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

Hoop-Tober 2015! (17/30):
Every Horror Film I've Seen Ranked!:

"Mickey, the freaky Tarantino film student. But if he's a suspect, so am I. Lets move on."
" Wait a minute. Maybe you are a suspect."
"Well if I'm a suspect, you're a suspect."
"Good point. Ok, let's move on to..."

Pretty much anything that opens with Nick Cave's Red Right Hand is something that I can already tell I'm going to like and Scream 2 doesn't just stop there as it ups the ante from the first film as it attempts to do what many slashers have found difficult in the past and tell stories that remain as fresh and exciting as the original. It also explains why I've previously stayed away from watching horror sequels as part of the Hoop-Tober, but thankfully it seems that the Scream franchise is the exception, and even though the second film can't quite keep up the magic of the first movie, it does deliver a strong showing with an impressive second act, sticking to the meta comedy established in the first film whilst at the same time poking fun of it.

2 years after events of the first film, Sidney the protagonist is in College along with Randy. However, she's about to find herself thrust back into the action again when two College students are killed at the premiere of the film "Stab", by a man wearing a Ghostface mask, and the question that's everyone's starting to ask - is history repeating itself?

The cast puts in a solid, typical horror movie performance and even has Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar on board for the sequel as it increases the scares and tension. The screenplay is smart, witty and works in the film, with an impressive atmosphere that keeps audiences entertained. It even addresses the fact that horror movie sequels are always bad itself, which is something that doesn't stop itself from almost falling into the same trap. However thanks to some solid directing from Wes Craven it allows for a good, well rounded movie, even if Scream 2 can't quite live up to the original. As it stands though, I'm still on board for the third film, especially as Craven takes the reigns once more.

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