The Wrestler

The Wrestler ★★★★★

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Darren Aronofsky has a bit of a hit/miss record for me. Requiem for a Dream is one of my favourite movies but I really wasn't too keen on Noah at all. I did love Black Swan though and it was great to see that The Wrestler is another stellar movie from the director, with a Oscar-worthy performance from Mickey Rourke who absolutely aces it as a former WWE Wrestler Randy "The Ram" Robinson, who is past his prime.

I've tried to get into WWE in the past but despite watching a few Wrestlemanias I never really could. However you don't really need to know anything about the sport to watch this film, it's perfectly accessible, focusing on the character Randy and really making you invested in him as we see how his life has fallen apart around him, with a distant daughter who he isn't on the best of terms with. Oh, and he has health problems, meaning that he can't do sport he loves anymore.

Shot like a documentary, there are some amazing scenes in this film. There were so many moments that just really worked and the film just felt really emotional, added up to the excellent use of the Bruce Springsteen song "The Wrestler" playing over the end credits which just fit the movie perfectly.

The fight sequences set in the various arenas are excellent, and The Wrestler feels really raw and powerful as a result. It's not just Rourke who knocks it out of the park here with his performance but the supporting cast also deliver, with Marisa Tomei & Evan Rachel Wood putting in really solid performances even if its ultimately Rourke who steals the show.

This is possibly my new favourite Aaronofsky movie and comes highly recommended as a result. Go check this out if you can!

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