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Between this and Under the Silver Lake I love that Andrew Garfield has essentially spent all of his post Spider-Man career poking fun at his stint on the franchise and how that ended - and corporate cinema as a whole that lacks anything to say - and I'm here for it.

There's a few behind the scenes camera choices that don't quite work but given this is technically a first feature (Hamilton isn't a film), even for someone as talented as Lin-Manuel Miranda, you can overlook them as you'll have a great time here especially if you know this movie is the kind of thing you'll enjoy going in - it's tailor made for theatre kids but it says something that I decidedly am not a theatre kid and still had an absolute blast - despite not knowing anything about Jonathan Larson or his work. Andrew Garfield pours his heart onto the screen in an instinctively memorable performance - easily one of the best of the year so far - and arguably elevates this up a whole new level, which is quite something when you consider that he - according to his interview with Mark Kermode, only learnt to sing a year ago.

Could have used more MJ Rodriguez, who's excellent in Pose - criminally underutilised here, but there's a whole lot of good - the songs are catchy as ever, and the melodrama really works in this one's favour.

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